Monday, 2 April 2012

March Favourites

Hi Guys
So I have never done of one these month favourites before, so I thought I am just going to combine everything from January til now hehe. But it probably wont even be a lot

Here we go... 
Well I didnt even want to add my Zara bag to the list because I am sure everyone is fed up of it but I still love it :)

1. Sleek- Brow K9T & Rimmel (black brown) - I have been using different products from since I started filling in my eye brows. But this pencil is nicest I have bought so far and the Sleek palette, I dont use the gel part, simply because I don't know how to lol, but the other one is nice.

2. Edge Control - I have always wanted something that would control my edges lol and I heard about this and I cant stop using it, especially now that I have a weave.

3. Sleek Luminaire - I just LOVE this, but I used it so much it is finish and still just sitting there. But yh I just love it, I need to get a new one ASAP (when loan drops lol)

4. H&M necklace - I have just been reaching for this necklace more than my tiger head chain, which I love, but it just goes with everything and adds to make it look like you tried to look nice lol :P

5. Pull & Bear top - I just love this top simple as, I am obsessed with lions and tigers and its comfy lol

6. Well everything is this pic I have been reaching for especially Rihanna perfume, it is sooo sexy and smells soo nice *it doesnt replace my favourite perfume britney spears fantasy* but I wanted to try something new  and this was just so nice. Definitely need to re purchase.

My march favourite was abit random lol
But if your going to do your favourite, just send me the link so I can read :)
Stay Blessed 


  1. ooh I love the Body Shop too! Also, the Sleek Luminaire is AMAZING. Goes so well if you want to highlight your eyebrows!

    Now following. :)

  2. like your blog dearrrrrrrr!
    keep posting and go for it!!!!