Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Review: Red carpet gel polish pro kit

Hey guys
At work when there are new brands launching in store we normally get samples of their hero products. But I was surprise when we got the red carpet gel kit. I have been trying to find an alternative for acrylic nails so this came into my life at the right time. 
In the kit contains 
Prep - Max adhesion nail primer. It basically takes off any oils in your nails. 
Structure - Gel base coat
Brilliance - Seal & shine top coat nail gel 
Revitalize - Nourishing nail & cuticle oil 
Purify - Pre & post application cleanser 
Erase - Gel nail polish remover 
LED Nail gel polish - colour: Red Carpet Reddy 
LED professional light 
It also comes with very clear and easy to read instructions. 
It claims to give you a 21 day wear however when I use it, it didn't last a week. I don't know if the way in which I apply it was wrong but it would chip and peel within a couple days. When showering, working or washing dishes. 
I love the look of them when you first apply them they look shiny like you just got them done at the shop. 
It would be a really good gift for someone who is a nail lover and knows how to use the gel polishes. It is quite expensive at the retail price of £90. There is another kit which is less expensive, the only difference is the led lamps. 

Overall I give this product ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Once I've mastered it I'm sure I would love it more 
Have you used this? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

October Favourites

My first post officially back, so I am going to keep it short & sweet.
Since this is my first favourites I will just mention anything that I have reached for in the last month.

Loreal True Match foundation In Deep Golden

I am just so happy that a lot of drugstore brands are now doing darker tones. So when I saw the darkest shade I just picked it up not even testing it on my skin. It does come out super red on me but once blended in with a highlight its really good.
Hard to find but it's available online and in larger stores -for £9.99

Pür Mineral soul matte palette 

I use this everyday for work. It's the best for a neutral look since they are all matte and to jazz it up you can add abit of gold or any shimmer colour on the look. 
Avaliable in M&S for £24. 

Filorga sleep & peel night cream 

Since I work on the beauty counter I got trainer on this brand. It is a really high end skincare brand that is for someone that wants the effects of Botox but without the needles. This is their hero product and it's suppose to clear up any sort of problems you have with your skin. So I had to try. You only use it til it's finished and then go back to whichever night cream you want. 
It is really good and lightweight 
Avaliable in M&S for £54. 

The body shop body butters 

These are just perfect nothing more to say. My favourite is papaya & mango ones. I always stock up when they are half price. £14 for cream is blah!!!

Pixi by Petra Glow Mist 

This just makes my make up glow and stay in place totally worth the price.

Sleek 'Matte Me' liquid lipstick - Birthday suit. 

When my MAC double shot ran out I wanted a replacement but also in a matte   I saw it on a YouTube tutorial and picked it up. In order to get that nude look on a darker skin tone, I use a brown lip liner, either MAC chestnut or bittersweet and mix the two together. Good for everyday or a dramatic eye look combo. 
Avaliable in Boots & Superdrug - £4.99

This is a look using the pur palette & matte me liquid lipstick. 
Love of love x

Sunday, 15 February 2015

3 years on...

Hey Guys 
Was going to start a new blog and forgot I had this one. I really like this set up lol. 
I will publish up a new post very soon. 
Thanks for still following 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Happy Birthday To Me :)

Hey Guys
So it was my birthday on Monday and I am finally 21!!!!!
I am the last of my friends to turn 21 so I thank God for adding another year to my life :)
On the 4th I went to Margate beach meet some people and had some fun timess 
Then on my actual birthday I went to a chinese restaurant Firecracker in Westminster and did karaoke :)
Here our a few picture...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Simply Leo..

Hey Guys 
So this is just a quick outfit of the day post, on one of the sexy weather we was blessed with in London!! 
Hope you like :)

Dress - New Look
Heels - New Look
Clutch - River Island
Jewellery - Topshop (apart from my hoops which was from Ebay)

My niece gets her cheeky smile from me :P

Someone did graffiti on my church wall and the Pastor said they should leave it lol
My bestie x

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Graduation 2012!! I did it!

Hey Guys
So I have been MIA for a while, I have not been up to much but babysitting and haven't been anywhere either because of this crazy ass weather in London I hate it!! I have brought so many clothes and I cant even show it off!!
But enough of that 
Yesterday I went to my graduation woop woop!!
First I was so nervous and just wanted to get it over and done with, but it was cool my parents were giving me so much jokes as they are as gay and crazy as me!! 
Here are a few pics and what I wore...
Enjoy :) 
Top - Zara (suppose to be a peplum but it was pepluming :( )
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - New Look