Sunday, 26 February 2012

Kill two birds with one stone

On Saturday night, two of my friends birthday gatherings were on the same day, so I had to be superman that day. First stop was Sandra 21st dinner at Firecracker in Westminster then Tamauri in Covent Gardens for drinks and a "shake-a-leg". Ha and at this bar we saw Masood from Eastenders in the V.I.P, just relaxing quite funny.

Lesley & Stephanie - My buddy buddys from secondary school first time i've seen them in like nearly two years and when we was jamming it was like we saw it each the other day; so I love these gay girls <3

Sandra - the birthday girl woop

Sandra rocking them Jeffery Campbell spike litas - sexy

Hat - Next
Shirt / Heels - New look
Bowtie - My brothers lol
Leggins - no idea lol
Blazer - the imfamous Zara

But then my battery died and I couldn't take no more photos from when I went Covent Garden *sigh*

I really need to get a camera as well my iphone is good but it isnt great *cries*

Friday, 24 February 2012

Mini Haul

Man, the way I have been IN LOVE with this Zara Shopper bag ever since I saw it I just knew I had to get it. I didn't want to spend recklessly and just get it because I wanted it. But I kept seeing it everywhere so I thought if I don't get this soon it'd going to disappear AND I was in need (not want) of a nice plain basic black bag because I intend to find a job very soon where I can dress smart; went to TK Maxx and the bag there were expensive. I wanted bare YouTube hauls and these girls were getting two of this bag in different colours and that's what set me off, so I thought I have to get it. So now I am content with myself and just happy with my purchase.
I think every woman should have this bag its just good for this price, goes with everything its definitely a favourite and once you buy it you won't regret it.

I also get an alien in the science museum lol. If you were a 90s kid in England and you didn't own an alien you wasn't cool. LOL. I got it and now Im just like....what do you do with this thing lool. But I brought it for the memories and it was only £2 so i thought why not!?!?!?

I also got the new 3 in 1 Sleek Blus palette, thought I'll try it, the colours are proper bright so i don't know if it is going to work hehe; I got the Flame one.

Left to right - molten, bon fire & furnace.

I am trying to get into lipsticks but so far nothing seems to suit me its proper I have the Maybelline's Velvet Beige 630 and Sleek's Naked. I don't know if its my face or my skin tone :(
I have seen other women my colour wear it looks nice on them but when I put it on ....gross....

if anyone wants to give me some suggestion or tell me to stop looking let me know :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

It could only be one direction

So I came across this pic of the boy band from X Factor, one direction and the way they dress is just on point for me. I love how they all have their own wear swagga-Dom but manage to look as a group as well
Just love it!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Off We Go To The Science Museum

So today I went to the Science Museum for the first time... and it was not what i expected at all -___- I want to see brains and fun stuff and but was really random so these are just random photos lol...
Blazer - Zara
Jumper dress - HnM
Belt - sisters'
Ring & ear-ring- Topshop
Chain - gift
Bag - Paul's Boutique

proper fascinating so cute and they proper look alike i know they're twins but its just amazing... 


Me and Ivan; he's just so fed up of my craziness :/

this was the V&A Museum I just love Architectural design and this building is amazing

Sly picture on the bus of the London Eye on my way home

Sunday, 19 February 2012

First Outfit Of The Day

I got my 8 year old cousin and 6 year old niece to taken these photos for me -_-

Top - Jean demin - Topshop
Blazer - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes/Bag - New Look
Cross ring - Topshop
Watch/ring - Gifts
Gye nyame Chain - Ghana

Baby got back

Say what you want to say about Kim Kardashain, this girl has got style and swagga and a figure to die for...
She works causal and black attire very well.


Friday, 17 February 2012


I'm doing this questionnaire for my dissertation i was wondering if you could take the time and fill it for me please it would be much appreciated: 
I can't tell you what it is about, well all of it, but you get to rate faces in one part :D

CLICK This link is for FEMALE

CLICK This link is for MALE

Thank you
You can tell me what you think after you've done it because I am so interested in this area.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Grammy Glamour

Katy Perry
  She looked amazing with her blue swagger from head to toe. Simply classy with though her hair is blue it just works well.
 Adele, Adele she is just amazing in every way; she looks beautiful in a simple black dress with the red lippy just on point. I just love that people love her because she is just great. Also she came back hard because she lost a lot of weight and just looks niceee.

Kelly Rowland
 Kelly looked nice not one of my top favourites but I just love this colour in anything hehe.
But I love her hair
Carrie Underwood
 I think Carrie look was one of my top favourite of the whole night; it was just perfect plus her hairstyle. I thing I have a bit of an obsession with white women that have this hair colour it just looks good lol.
Amber Rose
 A lot of site listed her dress as one of the worst but I quite like it and my favourite colour is yellow and I would wear this dress as well. But I think the only thing that spoilt it was her tattoos. I love tattoos but in this dress it should of been covered, in my opinion.
Kelly Osborne
I love her dress also and she was also listed as worst dressed but I think it was the hair that got her there. 

Her tattoos worked with this outfit, just simply because she is a bad ass chick lol

Highlight of the night

Adele's comeback and winning 6 Grammy Award. I am just so happy that her operation was a success because I was prayed that the devil would not take away her talent. So yaay Adele reppin for the Brits wooop wooop.
Also she is engage or??