Saturday, 3 March 2012

Red-hair swagga!!

Met up with my friend, Jen yesterday and we was just so bored of our 3rd year being so boring and all of us being slip up.
Because we started off all living together in halls and then we lived again together in 2nd year but in two houses and now 3rd year everyone iss commuting and its just boring so we was all in and just took pictures but Jens swag caught my eye haha...
This ones for you Jenif...
Top - River Island
Leather Jacket - H&M
High waisted Jean - Republic
Nikes - Office

RANDOM QUESTION: Curvier girls, do you wear high waisted jeans and do they fit right, I really want to get one but I'm scared lol...


  1. Your friend is gourgeouss, Im doing my hair that colour in summer lol
    High waisted jeans are great on curves! They exagerate your waist and make ur stomach look flatter cause it holds it all in lol. Get themmmm!


  2. love this outfit and your hair color is amazing ! <3

  3. also i've heard that the aa pants (american apparel) are very flattering no matter what size you are? they are pricey but they look real good on alot of ladies? and sorry lol your friend looks lovely :)