Friday, 18 May 2012

Ily loves The Vampire Diaries

Hey Guys
So I was on YouTube and I came across this tag and thought 'I tag myself'
WARNING - If you haven't watched it all there maybe some spoilers...

Comment if you are also a fan or do the tag :)

1.How did you discover the show
My friend told me about the show, I was running low on shows to watch as they ended some of mine *cries* started it and I love it!!

2. Who is your favourite vampire?
Hmm I think my favourite vampire might have to be Damon and Elijah, I like Damon because he is a bad boy and he's got a good heart and Elijah because he is so suave and has good morality I guess. 

3. If you was a vampire would you live on human blood or animal blood?
I'd drink human blood but wont kill anyone or use a blood bank I guess :)

4. Team Stephan or Team Damon
Damon of course every girl loves the bad boy. I am just in love with his deep blue eyesss and hes hurting im hurting i love him; So team Damon all the way however I am team Stephan&Elena because I am team Damon&Ilone
(I am so gay for damon).

5. What is your favourite super natural power?
I like how they are super fast and can compel people to do what they want

6. If you were to be a character who would you be?
I would be Elena all them sexy men after her, I want to experience that lol

7. Have you read the book series?
I didn't know there were books for this til I show this question so no!!

8. Who is your crush on the show?
Damon!! If I go on you may hate me...

9. What was your first intial thought of the show & did it change after you saw it?
Well I always heard about vampire this and vampire that back in my day there was buffy the vampire slayer, when did vampires become kool but yeah after watching this show I love it more than twilight!!

10. Who is your favourite villain?
I am stuck between klaus and Catherine because she was a bitch.

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