Sunday, 27 May 2012

Suns Out For The Londoners

Hey Guys
So if your living in the U.K you know we have had the best time with the weather, and as we all know, we must enjoy it while it last because this country's weather is bi-polar.
Sucks that I have exams last week but I am finally finished with UNI!! 
Bought a new camera, not the SLR I wanted but got digital one just to satisfy me for now :)
Hope all of you are enjoying the sun as much as I am...

Strawberry Daquiri after Exam no 1

My wing man Becca I call she JOHN!!

OOTD - Maxi New Look

Revision Day

Some stuff I got for my hair as I redid it and my new camera

Vicky "Victor"

Didnt get tickets for the bloggers boutique so I went to an aunties 50th birthday
Me mama

Theo & Debbie

azonto-in' with my mama lol

Mr Duck


  1. Love the black maxi! Very simple yet chic! xo

  2. Great pictures!! I really love all your Outfits and especially the black maxi dress! It suits you! I have the same necklace;) You look so beautiful and your hairs are stunning!!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog