Thursday, 9 February 2012

Boots for us curvy ladies

So I got these boots awhile ago and I just love them because they can actually fit my calves. when I was younger my mum always use to get me boots 2 sizes up just to fit my calves but it just wasn't comfortable.
Then my friend told me why don't I just go to Evans and I just thought "oooohhh yeeeaahh"... Evans just a shop I think most people our age just walk pass because it really screams out "motherly" but for boots they are a perfect fit on my calves and I thought I would share that with someone else. I tried to find the link for these ones but I don't know if they stopped doing them or it is sold out. But they are £55 but I got mine on sale for £35. If anyone decides to go buy them or what not let me know if their are about.

We all need a pair of boot for these Antarctica weather in the UK.


  1. I am in no way gay, but your body is AMAZING....xx

  2. Ghanians always have nice figures =( lool
    Cute boots tho =)