Sunday, 26 February 2012

Kill two birds with one stone

On Saturday night, two of my friends birthday gatherings were on the same day, so I had to be superman that day. First stop was Sandra 21st dinner at Firecracker in Westminster then Tamauri in Covent Gardens for drinks and a "shake-a-leg". Ha and at this bar we saw Masood from Eastenders in the V.I.P, just relaxing quite funny.

Lesley & Stephanie - My buddy buddys from secondary school first time i've seen them in like nearly two years and when we was jamming it was like we saw it each the other day; so I love these gay girls <3

Sandra - the birthday girl woop

Sandra rocking them Jeffery Campbell spike litas - sexy

Hat - Next
Shirt / Heels - New look
Bowtie - My brothers lol
Leggins - no idea lol
Blazer - the imfamous Zara

But then my battery died and I couldn't take no more photos from when I went Covent Garden *sigh*

I really need to get a camera as well my iphone is good but it isnt great *cries*


  1. Loving ur outfit in this post:) love how u jacked ur bro's bowtie lol!!!
    Loving ur blog now following :)

    Diana xxx