Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Grammy Glamour

Katy Perry
  She looked amazing with her blue swagger from head to toe. Simply classy with though her hair is blue it just works well.
 Adele, Adele she is just amazing in every way; she looks beautiful in a simple black dress with the red lippy just on point. I just love that people love her because she is just great. Also she came back hard because she lost a lot of weight and just looks niceee.

Kelly Rowland
 Kelly looked nice not one of my top favourites but I just love this colour in anything hehe.
But I love her hair
Carrie Underwood
 I think Carrie look was one of my top favourite of the whole night; it was just perfect plus her hairstyle. I thing I have a bit of an obsession with white women that have this hair colour it just looks good lol.
Amber Rose
 A lot of site listed her dress as one of the worst but I quite like it and my favourite colour is yellow and I would wear this dress as well. But I think the only thing that spoilt it was her tattoos. I love tattoos but in this dress it should of been covered, in my opinion.
Kelly Osborne
I love her dress also and she was also listed as worst dressed but I think it was the hair that got her there. 

Her tattoos worked with this outfit, just simply because she is a bad ass chick lol

Highlight of the night

Adele's comeback and winning 6 Grammy Award. I am just so happy that her operation was a success because I was prayed that the devil would not take away her talent. So yaay Adele reppin for the Brits wooop wooop.
Also she is engage or??

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