Thursday, 9 February 2012

Simple Collection

So basically I have these simple products for ages but I could never get into the motion of using it daily.

But I heard that simple products are really good so I am trying to get into the routine of using them. These are the products I have and for now I am just going to use this before I go bed because in the morning I used it African soap called "alada semina" which means Nigerian soap (don't know if that's the official name but that's what Ghanaians call it).
So I'm gonna do that routine and then see if it helps my skins.

I used clean and clears daily scrub and I think that broke me out
So that's gettung thrown away.

I also use tea trees cleanser and toner, I like the tinkly feeling but it makes my face sticky and it smells gross. 

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  1. yes us ghanaians call it 'Alata Semia' but I know others might refer it as black soap :)